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Getting Married In Vegas: 5 Insider Tips from Real Brides

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Las Vegas Wedding Planner- @semperfievents | Photo: @agianniphoto

Thinking of tying the knot in Las Vegas? We got you covered!

This post outlines five insider tips from real Las Vegas brides who got hitched in one of the most iconic places for weddings.

Getting Married In Vegas: Real Tips from Vegas Brides

From out-of-this-world themes to quick marriage licenses, Vegas has it all for you. Here are the most useful tips real Vegas brides shared:

Book a glam squad to come to your hotel or Airbnb.

First of all, you need to look your best. And by best, we mean booking-a-glam-squad best.

Take it from real Las Vegas brides: there’s nothing better than hiring a glam squad to come to your hotel or Airbnb. Doing so means having professionals take care of your hair and makeup as you sit and sip champagne.

You can go the DIY route, but do you really want to spend hours doing that on your wedding day? Most Las Vegas brides didn’t think it was worth it, given the time and stress.

Meg Dela Cruz offers hair and makeup services anytime, anywhere. Simply book online so we can glam you up on your big day!

Here’s a review from one of our brides, Ashley:

Meg done my hair up for my wedding, the entire experience was so easy from booking to getting my hair done.

I booked on an online tool, no issues paying a deposit oversees. I later decided I wanted my hair done 30 mins earlier than the time I originally planned so changed it on the app and confirmed via instagram - again no issues with this.

Meg showed up on time, had a lovely attitude and was so sweet making me feel at ease. My hair was AMAZING. I felt like a princess. My hair had never felt or looked better.

Vanessa who manages Megs insta was also really nice and answered queries I had prior to my appointment.

Thanks Girls xx

Choose a wedding venue that suits you.

Chris and Kylie's Royal Wedding PHOTO || @moxiestudiolisa

Next, choose a wedding venue that suits you and your partner. Take note― YOU― not your family, partner’s family, or friends.

Getting married in Vegas (one of the most famous wedding spots in the world) means nailing down your dream venue.

The best wedding venues in Las Vegas include The Venetian, Graceland Wedding Chapel, Mandalay Bay, Chapel in the Clouds, and The Neon Boneyard.

Hire a photographer.

Mr and Mrs Dalzell- @cosy_little_home_ | Photo: @elizabethle_photography

If you’re getting married in Vegas, you need a photographer. Period.

However, Las Vegas brides said you shouldn’t hire a photographer until you finalize your location. Many venues don’t permit vendors; if they do, there’s usually a hefty fee. So, make sure to prepare for it.

If you want to shoot in a venue for free, don’t hesitate to ask around. Some venues allow you to do so, given that you book them for your wedding.

Prepare for the weather.

Mr. & Mrs. Dalzell- @cosy_little_home_ | Photo: @elizabethle_photography

One thing many brides don’t prepare for is the wild weather.

If you’re a summer bride, Las Vegas’ temperature can go up to the 120s. But don’t worry because it’s mostly dry heat.

If you’re getting married in Vegas during the fall, you can expect to deal with high winds and potential humidity. Worse, a flash flood happens.

Winters are lovely in Vegas, but some brides find them too cold. That depends on where you come from, though.

Think about the after-wedding carefully.

If you have a small party (5 to 10 people), you can get into restaurants without a reservation. However, if you have a bigger one (30 people and up), you can’t have dinner without a reservation and without it being 'reception-esq.'

But if you want a fancy reception, go for it! If you get married in a hotel, they can take care of this for you. If not, you can book a separate venue to take care of everything after the wedding.


Chris and Kylie's Royal Wedding PHOTO || @moxiestudiolisa

From out-of-the-box venues and unique themes, getting married in Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Use the tips above to make the most of what Las Vegas offers. Best wishes!


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